JUY-572 Madonna & Special Novel Miraculous Collaboration! - ! - A live-action version of the classic erotic novel! - ! - Original master of the erotic novel world! - ! - Kazuki Kirihara Kamiyama Family's Bride Yu Shinoda


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The first collaboration between Madonna and a special novel celebrating its 15th anniversary! - "The bride of the Kamiyama family" based on Kazuki Kirihara, a master of the sensual novel world. - It's been a year since her husband Hiroshi passed away. - Yumi was thinking of going back to her parents' house, but just before that, her uncle Takao approached her ... - Although she still loves her husband, her lower body, aching with her sweet thirst, reminds her of the joy of her woman. - Suffering from her guilt, Yumi confesses all of her to her father-in-law, Yasuo, and decides to leave her house. - However, Takao, who is obsessed with her Yumi, does not allow it ...

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