789ECH-001 [New series starts! - ! - ! - ] [Echiechi reseller] SDGs that are friendly to dicks! - Throw away used underwear you don't need...? - What a waste! - Make an appointment with a cute girl who sells underwear on SNS → Hand purchase and have sex as an additional option! - The naughty juices won't stop! - Get the raw panties of a girl with big natural fluffy breasts ♪ The woman who sells underwear has loose crotches.


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[A resale girl who lives a leisurely life by selling used underwear on SNS and earns a little money] Today I went to Shinjuku to hand-deliver Amu-chan's panties, which I had been exchanging slowly on SNS. Let's meet at. - Amu-chan, Dana, a naughty big-breasted girl who can be seen from a distance... - I heard she started reselling it so she could buy a birthday gift for her boyfriend! - It's so healthy and cute...Oji-san is so impressed that my dick is erect (tears).I want to check on its condition before I buy it, so let's go to a coffee shop. - Opening panchu at a coffee shop. - She's really shy, but this naughty stain is actually the juice secreted by Amu-chan♪ She thought her personality would come out through her underwear (lol).Oji-san thinks that Amu-chan is quiet. I know you say that, but you're actually a sullen lewd person! - You're right ^^ Kunkunkun...Amu-chan! - You haven't been wearing this for 3 days! - ! - ! - ! - ? - ? - Oji-san can't buy this! - I want to see you wearing them properly, so let's go to a hotel? - hey? - I'll pay an additional fee, so just add more stains! - ! - Amu-chan's naughty pussy ● Let this smell soak in! - ! - ! - ! - Aaah~ Amu-chan reacts nervously with such a naughty body~~Oji-san got an erection later, so please take responsibility~I'll pay you again. - I have a friend of mine who is a rich underwear collector, so I'll introduce him to him♪ He's good at sex, and he'll give me money, so I think Amu-chan will be satisfied too♪ Her big erotic breasts will shake and be pounded, and it'll feel good. Amu-chan... Amu-chan is doing her best with her small mouth and stuffing her cheeks... Amu-chan is getting her naughty ass pounded... It's a very wonderful memory ♪ Thank you to Oji-san for the best collection! - Today's total fee is 35,000 yen. - ps. Boyfriend, it would be great if you were happy about the birth ^^―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― ――▶︎Today's target Amu@Underwear sales vocational student/20 years old/Selling favorite items/156cm/45kg/F cup underwear delivery/Payment available for delivery/Cash/Paid option Beginner's death/If you are interested DM

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