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Siblings compete in a baseball fist showdown for a big prize! - Older sister: Monaka, 25 years old (beauty staff) Younger brother: Yuuma, 21 years old (virgin) ``I don't even want to imagine having an erection with my younger brother lol'' ``I've never thought about getting an erection with my older sister...lol'' We are both adults. Now that he has, he takes on the project without knowing that that logic doesn't apply. - As expected, he immediately retracted his previous statement. His younger brother's cock became erect. Well, it can't be helped since he's a virgin, but he's completely in heat. - What's even more surprising is that the older sister is embarrassed by that dick but is getting excited after that. After that, it develops into so-called erotic incestuous sex. After she graduated from virginity, I'm glad that the relationship between the siblings has deepened! - That's what I'd like to say, but I'm worried about their future family relationships. - At first it was intended to be a barati, but from now on I'm going to follow them as a documentary lol

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